Worlds Ultimate Sniper Infantry


Please refer to www.wusisky2.webs.com for the current website WUSI is operating out of. We apologize for any inconvenience 

Welcome to WUSI

 Welcome to the WUSI 1.2 division, if you are somehow at this website then you are one of us or you are an ally to WUSI. WUSI clan has a long history which you can find more about on the history page. Also, if you are interested in finding anything about WUSI then look at the nav bar. It will guide you to where you need to go. Most important, if you need to leave a message to someone in WUSI or for something about WUSI then use the guestbook, and keep it clean, no profanity, no spamming.

To any clans who would like to post for wars and events, please use the guestbook on the WUSI diplomat page. This will allow  greater efficiency for us to get back to you. Thank you.


To WUSI members: WUSI is the undefeated clan from the past and of the future all WUSI members should read the history of WUSI so they know exactly what they are part of. Once a person has joined WUSI they will never be forgotten, thier name will forever remain on this site or new WUSI sites to come if this one should ever fail. All members should know their rank and who is their superiors. All clan members should keep track of the pending wars so that they won't miss out when one comes along.  Lastly, when we engage an enemy in war, we do not accept faulty clans as our allies.

--Attention--All new recruits MUST sign the Guestbook! You will not be added to the members list if you dont post! Be sure to include the name of the member that recruited you! It is also crucial you get Xfire!

Want To Join WUSI?

If you're interested in a clan that's devoted to friendship, skill, and having a good time, then WUSI is for you. There are a couple of requirements. You must be in no clans, WUSI does not tolerate multiclanning, and you must cut ties with those clans you are in if you wish to join. We also require you to be active in the clan. Lastly, you must pass a skills test by a member EsS and above.


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Posted by WusiEsS.General on Wed Oct 26 17:09:15 EDT 2011


You are a brother and a dear clan mate to us, however, the past few weeks have been utter chaos. We have tried to reason with you, but through it all you have usurped total power and been blinded to our requests of how Wusi should be run. Because of this, we have no other choice but to move to a different website where we will reestablish Wusi on the principles it was founded on: the constitution. We will continue doing things the way they are and the majority of the EsS council is with us and is following us. You are welcome to join us and we will forgive you of your past deeds, but our position is final as you have taken total control you have left us with no other choice.

• WusiLeader.Turtle
• WusiLeader.Barney
• WusiEsS.Dr.Doom
• WusiEsS.Target
• WusiEsS.Birdo
• WusiEsS.Evil
• WusiEsS.General
• WusiEsS.Gator
• WusiEsS.Wild
• WusiDplt.Noname
• WusiDplt.Total
• WusiRs.Wolf
• WusiRs.Scorch
• WusiRs.Taco

• WusiSs.Swifty